Diamond Symbols & Codes

Diamond Symbol Diamond Symbol Name Diamond Symbol Code
Black Diamond ◆
White Diamond ◇
White Diamond Containing Black Small Diamond ◈
White Diamond Suit ♢
Black Diamond Suit ♦
Black Diamond Minus White X ❖
White Diamond With Centred Dot ⟐
White Concave-sided Diamond ⟡
White Concave-sided Diamond With Leftwards Tick ⟢
White Concave-sided Diamond With Rightwards Tick ⟣
Error-barred White Diamond ⧰
Error-barred Black Diamond ⧱
Diamond With Left Half Black ⬖
Diamond With Right Half Black ⬗
Diamond With Top Half Black ⬘
Diamond With Bottom Half Black ⬙
Black Medium Diamond ⬥
White Medium Diamond ⬦
Black Small Diamond ⬩
Black Diamond Centred ⯁

How to use ALT Code?


Use Smiley in the document

ALT code assigned to Smiley is 1

  • Open the document
  • Switch ON NumLock key
  • Press and hold Left ALT Key
  • Type the number 1