Intersection Symbols & Codes

Intersection Symbol Intersection Symbol Name Intersection Symbol Code
N-ary Square Intersection Operator ⨅
Integral With Intersection ⨙
Intersection With Dot ⩀
Intersection With Overbar ⩃
Intersection With Logical And ⩄
Union Above Intersection ⩆
Intersection Above Union ⩇
Union Above Bar Above Intersection ⩈
Intersection Above Bar Above Union ⩉
Intersection Beside And Joined With Intersection ⩋
Closed Intersection With Serifs ⩍
Double Square Intersection ⩎
Transversal Intersection ⫛

How to use ALT Code?


Use Smiley in the document

ALT code assigned to Smiley is 1

  • Open the document
  • Switch ON NumLock key
  • Press and hold Left ALT Key
  • Type the number 1