Other Letters : ALT Codes / Number Codes / Name Codes

Symbol Symbol Name ALT Code Number Code Character Code
Æ Capital AE 146 or 0198 Æ 00C6
Ǽ Capital AE with acute 0508 Ǽ 01FC
Ŋ Capital Eng 0330 Ŋ 014A
Ð Capital Eth (Icelandic) 0208 Ð 00D0
IJ Capital IJ 0306 IJ 0132
ΠCapital OE 0338 Π0152
Ə Capital Schwa 0399 Ə 018F
Þ Capital Thorn (Icelandic) 0222 Þ 00DE
æ Lowercase ae 145 or 0230 æ 00XX6
ǽ Lowercase ae with acute 0509 ǽ 01FD
ŋ Lowercase eng 0331 ŋ 014B
ð Lowercase eth (Icelandic) 0240 ð 00F0
ij Lowercase ij 0307 ij 0133
ĸ Lowercase kra 0312 ĸ 0138
ſ Lowercase long s 0383 ſ 017F
œ Lowercase oe 0339 œ 0153
ə Lowercase schwa 0601 ə 0259
ß Lowercase sharp s 0223 ß 00DF
þ Lowercase thorn (Icelandic) 0254 þ 00FE

How to use ALT Code?


Use Smiley in the document

ALT code assigned to Smiley is 1

  • Open the document
  • Switch ON NumLock key
  • Press and hold Left ALT Key
  • Type the number 1