Letter R-T-Z : ALT Codes / Number Codes / Name Codes

Symbol Symbol Name ALT Code Number Code Character Code
Ŕ Capital R with acute 0340 Ŕ 0154
ŕ Lowercase r with acute 0341 ŕ 0155
Ŗ Capital R with cedilla 0342 Ŗ 0156
ŗ Lowercase r with cedilla 0343 ŗ 0157
Ř Capital R with caron 0344 Ř 0158
ř Lowercase r with caron 0345 ř 0159
Ţ Capital T with cedilla 0354 Ţ 0162
ţ Lowercase t with cedilla 0355 ţ 0163
Ť Capital T with caron 0356 Ť 0164
ť Lowercase t with caron 0357 ť 0165
Ŧ Capital T with stroke 0358 Ŧ 0166
ŧ Lowercase t with stroke 0359 ŧ 0167
Ź Capital Z with acute 0377 Ź 0179
ź Lowercase z with acute 0378 ź 017A
Ż Capital Z with dot above 0379 Ż 017B
ż Lowercase z with dot above 0380 ż 017C
Ž Capital Z with caron 0381 Ž 017D
ž Lowercase z with caron 0382 ž 017E

How to use ALT Code?


Use Smiley in the document

ALT code assigned to Smiley is 1

  • Open the document
  • Switch ON NumLock key
  • Press and hold Left ALT Key
  • Type the number 1