Letter Y : ALT Codes / Number Codes / Name Codes

Symbol Symbol Name ALT Code Number Code Character Code
Ý Capital Y with acute 0221 Ý 00DD
ý Lowercase y with acute 0253 ý 00FD
Ÿ Capital Y with umlaut 0376 Ÿ 0178
ÿ Lowercase y with umlaut 152 or 0255 ÿ 00FF
Ŷ Capital Y with circumflex 0374 Ŷ 0176
ŷ Lowercase y with circumflex 0375 ŷ 0177
Capital Y with grave 7922 Ỳ 1EF2
Lowercase y with grave 7923 ỳ 1EF3
Capital Y with dot below 7924 Ỵ 1EF4
Lowercase y with dot below 7925 ỵ 1EF5
Capital Y with hook above 7926 Ỷ 1EF6
Lowercase y with hook above 7927 ỷ 1EF7
Capital Y with tilde 7928 Ỹ 1EF8
Lowercase y with tilde 7929 ỹ 1EF9

How to use ALT Code?


Use Smiley in the document

ALT code assigned to Smiley is 1

  • Open the document
  • Switch ON NumLock key
  • Press and hold Left ALT Key
  • Type the number 1