Square Symbols & Codes

Square Symbol Square Symbol Name Square Symbol Code
Black Square ■
White Square □
White Square With Rounded Corners ▢
White Square Containing Black Small Square ▣
Square With Horizontal Fill ▤
Square With Vertical Fill ▥
Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch Fill ▦
Square With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill ▧
Square With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill ▨
Square With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill ▩
Black Small Square ▪
White Small Square ▫
Square With Left Half Black ◧
Square With Right Half Black ◨
Square With Upper Left Diagonal Half Black ◩
Square With Lower Right Diagonal Half Black ◪
White Square With Vertical Bisecting Line ◫
White Square With Upper Left Quadrant ◰
White Square With Lower Left Quadrant ◱
White Square With Lower Right Quadrant ◲
White Square With Upper Right Quadrant ◳
White Medium Square ◻
Black Medium Square ◼
White Medium Small Square ◽
Black Medium Small Square ◾
Squared Key ⚿
White Diamond In Square ⛋
Squared Saltire ⛝
Falling Diagonal In White Circle In Black Square ⛞
Square Four Corners ⛶
Cup On Black Square ⛾
Lower Right Drop-shadowed White Square ❏
Upper Right Drop-shadowed White Square ❐
Lower Right Shadowed White Square ❑
Upper Right Shadowed White Square ❒
Squared Logical And ⟎
Squared Logical Or ⟏
White Square With Leftwards Tick ⟤
White Square With Rightwards Tick ⟥
Squared Rising Diagonal Slash ⧄
Squared Falling Diagonal Slash ⧅
Squared Asterisk ⧆
Squared Small Circle ⧇
Squared Square ⧈
Two Joined Squares ⧉
Square With Contoured Outline ⧠
Error-barred White Square ⧮
Error-barred Black Square ⧯
Square With Top Half Black ⬒
Square With Bottom Half Black ⬓
Square With Upper Right Diagonal Half Black ⬔
Square With Lower Left Diagonal Half Black ⬕
Dotted Square ⬚
Black Large Square ⬛
White Large Square ⬜
Black Very Small Square ⬝
White Very Small Square ⬞
Black Square Centred ⯀
Square Position Indicator ⯐

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